Chefs don’t like Cameron Sanderson’s music

Posted on June 8, 2012

I don’t think it is particularly difficult.

What didn’t inspire you to become a musician?

I was not inspired by musicians who restrain themselves, who feel the need to fit their niche too tightly. I was not inspired by the promise of lifting heavy equipment forevermore.

You’ve been in a number of bands with clever names, from Delusions of Grandma to the Venice Whalers. Any band name ideas that didn’t quite work?

Not so much ideas that didn’t work, but rather a plethora of amazing names that haven’t yet seen the light of day. Korean Courier Career is one that rolls off the tongue. I was part of an imaginary hardcore band for a while called Chainsaw Massage. I think that one’s a keeper.

What sorts of people don’t like your music?

People don’t like particular bands for particular reasons. Delusions of Grandma, for example, makes for horrible background music, so is detested by chefs. The Venice Whalers is generally quite happy, so recent mourners tend to pooh-pooh it.

To finish, a hypothetical: if all music was destroyed tomorrow except for one song, what wouldn’t you want that song to be?

I would not want it to be Another One Bites the Dust, because I’d just spend the whole time annoyed that it wasn’t Bohemian Rhapsody.

And I just love a bit of shameless self-promotion, so here are two things I made and like:

The Venice Whalers have a new EP out called Sturt Desert Peach, and it’s available online¬†and the artwork is magnanimous.

And me and Jess (also in the Whalers) put out an EP a while ago under the name ‘inuette’, the EP is called Six Petits Hiboux (ooohh, language!) and can be purchased for the princely sum of zero (or more) here

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